• Posted by Nicole Spencer 22 Jun

21 Day Vibrant Life Challenge

We’re so excited! We’ve been planning this event for a long time now. We are thrilled to announce that we are launching our first 21 Day Vibrant Life Challenge beginning July 9th. and we know that this will be just the thing you need to keep you fit and moving towards your goals this summer.
All too often in the summer months we think it’s okay to step back and take a break from our Pilates training, but here’s the truth….your body, your health and well-being doesn’t know if you’re on vacation or have thrown in the towel completely. We gain weight, we lose the muscle tone, the core strength and the flexibility that we’ve worked all year to build up through our regular Pilates practice. The stiffness, the aches and pains and the sluggishness all return with a vengeance.
Taking care of yourself shouldn’t be a seasonal thing, an on and off again thing. After all your health and fitness needs don’t take a two month vacation. It makes us sad to see people who have made so many great strides in their health and fitness constantly starting over in the fall, (or even worse a year later), because they chose to “take the summer off”.
So that’s why we’ve decided summer is the perfect time to not only maintain your present fitness level, but to take it up to the next level, improving your core strength, flexibility, muscle tone, energy levels and body composition even more.
In 21 Days we’ll show you how to stay on track with your health and fitness, 365 Days of the year, so that starting over will become a thing of the past.
Here’s what you get….
  • Unlimited Pilates Group Equipment and Mat Classes
  • Weekly challenges to take your fitness and health and well-being to a new level
  • Daily accountability to keep you on track
  • Nutritional support and healthy recipes to supercharge your energy levels and get you on track to feeling better than you have for years
  • Functional Movement Screen to establish the current mobility and stability of your body
  • Intro to Pilates Principles and Core Setting class for those new to Pilates
After completing our 21 Day Vibrant Life Challenge you’ll be stronger, more toned and flexible, have better posture and core stability as well as improved body composition and increased energy levels. You will have established some great new healthy lifestyle habits that put you on the path to your best self and the vibrant, fit and healthy lifestyle that you deserve!
Please note 21 Day Challenge participants must be injury free.
If you are working around an injury or special condition we would love to talk to you about the benefits of Therapeutic Pilates. You can call us at 476-0352 or simply reply to this e-mail and we’ll be in touch.
Ross Pilates Members – $47 plus hst
Non Members – $147 plus hst
Re-commit to your health and fitness this summer!