Class Descriptions


Tone, Strengthen, Balance

Supportive, caring environment… expert instruction


Reformer classes

The Pilates Reformer is the most versatile piece of Pilates equipment used to tone, sculpt and shape the body giving you a long, lean physique. The Pilates Reformer strengthens the core, while toning the arms, legs and buttocks.

Fat Burning Pilates Plus TRX Suspension Training

Our most popular class!  A combination of fun, cutting edge, calorie burning, heart pumping Cardio Tramp Reformer plus TRX Suspension This class mixes it up for some great results!! This is a Strong Beginner/Intermediate level class. Participants must have previous Pilates Reformer experience but may be new to TRX Suspension Training. Participants must be INJURY FREE.

Reformer/Cadillac Combo Intermediate

This intermediate class utilizes the Pilates Cadillac/Tower which offers spring based resistance with the push through bar, roll down bar, leg springs and arm springs to challenge and strengthen the arms, the legs and everything in between!  Combined with the Pilates Reformer you’ll get maximum variety and maximum results!!  Participants must have previous Pilates Reformer experience and be INJURY FREE in order to attend.

Pilates 20/20/20!

The ultimate Pilates body sculpting and muscle toning class! The perfect blend including 20 minutes Mat and Barrel, 20 minutes Cadillac/Tower and 20 minutes Reformer! Zero in on butt, thighs and arms along with targeted abdominal work. End off with a relaxing cool down that focuses on enhancing flexibility.

Cardio 20/20/20

Mix it up with some Cardio!  A great combination of 20 minutes fat burning cardio on the Bosu and Cardiotramp, 20 minutes of Pilates Reformer for strengthening and toning ending with 20 minutes of concentrated core work and a final stretch.

TRX 20/20/20

20 Minutes TRX Suspension Training, 20 Minutes Pilates Matwork, 20 minutes Pilates Reformer. TRX Suspension Training is a great way to build strength, endurance, core stability and flexibility by harnessing your own body weight to create resistance.  No previous experience necessary however participants must be INJURY FREE in order to attend.

Pilates Mash Up!  

The ultimate Pilates experience!  This Intermediate level workout combines every piece of equipment…..Pilates Tower/Matwork, Chair, Cadillac and Reformer for one amazing all over workout!  Participants must have previous Pilates Reformer experience and be INJURY FREE in order to attend.