• Posted by Debbie Ross 28 Dec

Inspiration of the Month: Dan

How did you get started at the studio?
I was looking for a way to improve my golf game and general health in particular as I had several injuries including a break in the spine that exacerbated muscular imbalances. My game was getting progressively worse and i was experiencing lower back pain and sciatica. Upon reading a book by Paul Chek “The Golf Biomechanic’s Manual” I became interested in changing my swing by changing my body. Rather than practicing for countless hours unable to incorporate the things I needed to do to improve. I stumbled across Ross Pilates in seeking a Chek Practitioner. After my initial consultation with Debbie I immediately knew I was in the right place and she would be able to help me achieve my goals.


What changes have you noticed since starting your Pilates practice?
The most significant change I’ve noticed is complete elimination of the lower back pain and increased range of motion in my body. This has resulted in improvement in my health and golf game and has provided encouragement to work even harder.
What do you enjoy most about Ross Pilates?
The quality of the instruction. In particular the dedication of the instructors to the students and their constant goal to learn more and bring this to the students on a personalized basis.


How would you describe Ross Pilates and Conditioning in 3-5 words?   
Professional, Fun, Relaxed.
What is your favourite Pilates exercise and why?
Anything on the Reformer as you can target muscles in so many ways that you can’t on traditional gym equipment.


What would you say to someone who is thinking about coming to Pilates?
Forget about any preconceived notions and try it. You’re going to be pleasantly surprised.