• Posted by Debbie Ross 21 Oct

Kim’s Story!

I wanted to share this amazing client story!

Want to let you know how grateful I am that I found you and your Pilates studio! After a tibia fracture, surgery involving plates, pins and screws, 6 weeks of no weight bearing and 5 months of Physiotherapy I reached a plateau in healing and needed something more. I did my research, chose Pilates and specifically Ross Pilates after reading a testimonial.

On my first consult visit, you did a thorough assessment of my recent injury, as well as medical history. Your knowledge of the muscular and skeletal systems is very impressive.

We decided private therapeutic sessions twice a week would be the best to help me reach my goals of strengthening my weaker injured leg, relieve pain, improve balance and re align my body to achieve better posture and gait.

That was in June. 4 months later and we have reached my goals. My energy level has noticeably improved; better breathing and concentration have been a bonus! My surgeon encouraged me to continue with Pilates as he is very pleased at how well I keep improving. At a recent massage, my massage therapist commented on how she felt the tissue in the area around my knee and lower leg have noticeably improved.

Now I have set new goals in order for me to achieve my ultimate goal of complete recovery by February 2017! Thank you for starting a new class for hips and knees! I am now able to participate in a group class!

You keep your studio up to date with equipment and *(accessories?)* as well as the staff well trained and passionate about what you all do.  Instructor continually watches, corrects if necessary and encourages participants whether private or group  classes.

I thank you and your staff Debbie for helping me on my healing journey. I would strongly recommend your Pilates studio to anyone, whether they require help healing, or  to relieve tension and stress of the body, maintain good balance and gait, and improve overall body function.

Kim Murray