• Posted by Debbie Ross 05 Oct

Pilates for Hips and Knees

We started a new class on October 1, and I’m really excited about it.    It’s called Pilates for Hips and Knees, and that’s exactly what it is.   If you have Hip and Knee Joint Replacements, Patella Femoral Syndrome, Chondromalacia Patella, Hip Impingement, Meniscal Tears, ACL Rupture, MCL/LCL Sprain or Arthritis, this class is for you!  This specialized class will address common muscular imbalances and strengthen muscles responsible for creating good stability at the hip and knee joints. As good core stability enhances overall stability, this class will include focused core work on the Oov.

In providing therapeutic Pilates for these conditions, your safety and health are our primary concerns. Thus, we’d like to have a release from your physician for you to participate.   If your physician is not familiar with Pilates, please ask them to call the studio and speak with Debbie.  All participants must be approved for participation in this class.    If you’re interested speak with Debbie.   New students are welcome, but private sessions are required before participating in the group class to ensure you are aware how to do the Pilates exercises safely for your condition.