• Posted by Debbie Ross 09 Jun

What did Pilates do for Janine?

A student story from Janine…..
I found Ross Pilates on the recommendation of my  physiotherapist/osteopath  who stressed that the most effective approach to rehabilitation, strengthening and prevention of back injury is through pilates. I started my therapeutic pilates process by taking 8 private classes.
The initial session entailed a very thorough assessment including gathering information about past injuries, posture evaluation, and detailed information sharing about the ways in which pilates helps to strengthen core, rehab injuries, and prevent further injury. After just three 3 private sessions, I was surprised to discover that  I had added a mile to my run without any of the discomfort I had been experiencing. I also noticed that I was sitting up straighter in my office chair, and while driving, and felt less nervous that I was just one movement away from another disc rupture.
Something very significant was changing on a deep internal level, and I was really surprised because I felt that I was expending minimal energy during my sessions. I had been used to spending long hours in the gym, working out to complete exhaustion, but not really feeling any stronger, and still suffering indications of old injuries. I didn’t know what I was doing at the gym, so having private pilates lessons where my every move was carefully coached, corrected and validated, was so helpful in getting results.
After 8 private sessions, I decided to get a monthly membership which allows to me join others in a fun and nicely varied small group setting, still with the same personal attention. Now after 18 sessions, I feel better than I have ever felt: stronger, straighter, leaner, and so much less nervous about having another injury. I have gone down 2 clothing sizes as a result of pilates and a few diet adjustments.
As I prepare to turn 60 I feel more confident about how this next stage of life can be…………and am working toward longer runs, bike rides and a deeper sense of strength, stability and mobility as I age. I have started a pilates class feeling achy and tired, and leave feeling limber, strong and energized, unlike the gym workouts I used to do, which left me feeling drained and sore.
The professional staff who possess special certification in therapeutic pilates are just great.  They are very encouraging, friendly, professional, welcoming, and very validating of progress. The Pilates studio space is very conducive to feeling comfortable and private. The equipment is top of the line, clean and well maintained.  There is a really wide variety of classes to chose from including a range of activities and levels. I like to try a variety of  classes, and am always happy with the experience, and leave feeling more knowledgeable about how the body works.
Thanks to Ross Pilates for helping me to feel stronger, leaner and more confident as I get ready to enter my 60’s!